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Flea, Tick & Heartworm Products in Portland, OR


Flea, tick, heartworm, and intestinal worm preventatives & treatments:

  • Activyl (canine & feline)
  • Nexgard (canine)
  • Bravecto (canine)
  • Revolution (feline)
  • Trifexis (canine)
  • Heartgard Plus (canine)
  • Comfortis (canine & feline)
Animal Medicine — Veterinary Clinic in St., Portland OR

Other products:

  • Purina
  • Science Diet
  • Royal Canin
  • Medicated shampoos, conditioners, and leave-on lotions
  • Dasuquin chews and soft chews, Enzadent teeth care products, omega fatty acids supplements, Feliway, Adaptil and NurtureCalm phermone products, hairball prevention supplements, pet odor removal solutions, flea combs, nail trimmers, pet pillers, Adequan joint repair injections
  • Variety of healthy and hypoallergenic dog and cat treats, Pill Pockets
  • For diabetic pets we keep in stock insulin syringes, sharps containers, Lantus, Prozinc, & Vetsulin insulins
  • Products by Merial, Zoetis, Elanco, Bayer, Nutramax, Novartis, Tonopen
  • External lab services through Antech & Idexx, as well as an in-house lab
  • Digital x-ray
  • Companion laser therapy to help with the healing of wounds, dental extraction sites, surgical sites, arthritis, ear infections, lick granulomas, etc.
  • In-house pharmacy & the ability to obtain medications made specifically for your pet which can be easier to give (transdermal gels, liquid solutions, flavored chewables and tablets)